Bethesda Releasing "The Art of Fallout 4" To Make You Appreciate, Even More, How Much You Love Fallout

As if (AS IF) you needed another reason to love the Fallout series or be even more hyped about Fallout 4 coming out in two weeks, Bethesda is about to make your day. Above, they dropped a new Perks video. And below, in a blog post, the lead artist of the game, Istvan Pely, revealed the company is putting out a book called The Art of Fallout 4, which features a bunch of concept art and renderings from the game to dive you into the extended universe of the game.

Here's a quote from the post:

When you play our games, you live in a world that the team at Bethesda Game Studios has already lived in for years. Day by day we see it grow around us, from the initial germ of an idea to a fully realized universe. Each day, new content is added or iterated on, and the world gradually takes form, gains detail, and becomes real.

After years of living in this place, our playground and our home, we open the gates and invite millions to enter and play. This book is an opportunity for us to share with you a bit of the history behind this world, how it has evolved over those years, and why some of the artistic choices were made.

Overall, this game looks amazing, and so does this art, so check out some excerpts below!