Dave Grohl Falls Off Stage, Breaks Leg, AND FINISHES THE SHOW.

During the second song in a Foo Fighters show this past weekend in Gothenberg, Sweden, lead singer Dave Grohl fell off stage while rocking too hard. You can see the incident happen around the :36 mark in the video below. 

"Ah shit man, show's over. Right?" WRONG. Dave was taken off stage, only to return MINUTES LATER to finish the goddamn set. He sat in a chair while a medic held his leg, even stopping later in the show for a cast to be put on. Here's a video of the band playing "All My Life" post fall. 

After the set, the band's Twitter sent a tweet out with a picture of Dave's x-ray.

Whether you're a Foo Fighters fan or not, you cannot deny the baddassness of the one and only Dave Grohl.