92-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Officially Oldest Woman To Complete A FREAKING MARATHON

I'm a generally fit dude. I've run two 25K's in my time (15 1/2 miles, bitches), I played water polo for years, and I still run and work out most days of the week. But, all of that included, Harriette Thompson still makes me feel like a lazy POS. She recently completely a freaking MARATHON at 92 years old. Pretty cool, right? Let's add more to the mix: she's a cancers survivor. Check out her time below:

Thompson said she ran the marathon (which she completed in about 7 1/2 hours) not knowing if she would finish. She said her plan was:

Walk real fast and then run some, and just try not to wear myself down too fast. It’ll be sort of interesting. I’ll be the most surprised person if I finish it. I hope I will!

Congrats, Harriette. You deserve that medal.