All The Leaked Trailers From Comic Con! 'Suicide Squad', 'Deadpool', 'X-Men', Oh My!

The trailers and exclusives of the San Diego Comic Con are the most sought-after pieces of media marketing after the event, because of all the jealous people who couldn't go. 

That won't stop people from spoiling that exclusivity for those who stood in line for hours, as many of the trailers presented as special one-time deals for the event have leaked online. If you care to check them out, we've got Suicide Squad above, followed by X-Men: Apocalypse below, and Deadpool to finish it off. 

[UPDATE] The official Suicide Squad trailer has released! Check it out here! 


Leaked 'X- Men: Apocalypse' Comic Con Trailer

Leaked (and definitely Red-Banded as hell) 'Deadpool' Trailer