GoPro Is Now Selling This 16 Camera Rig That Goes For The Price Of A Damn Car

Above is a video shot with GoPro's new Odyssey rig, which features 16 cameras mounted on a round platform and used to create amazing 360 degree views and scenes. 

It comes with all the stuff seen below, including 16 GoPro Hero4 Black Cameras, 16 Backpacs, 16 SD Cards, and a Pelican Case: 

Here's the kicker: It costs $15,000. Not for your average consumer, but if you were in the market to make some sweet 360 videos, then I guess this is up your alley. But, when a Hero4 Black retails at $500, you can get 16 for half the price. Get some velcro and a spare piece of scrap plastic and I can get you an Odyssey by 3 o' clock this afternoon!